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Prescriptor is the Electronic Prescribing System (EPS) of Digitalis. Prescriptor-EPS is designed as a problem- and patient-oriented prescribing module to deliver better quality in patient care and is fully integrated into the medical record system of the physician. The medical record system exchanges patient conditions and characteristics with Prescriptor-EPS, enabling it to provide guidelines that are tailor-made for the individual and his medical conditions. The returned guidelines include prescriptions together with eventual alerts and warnings based on the medical record of the patient: Prescriptor-EPS cross-references population-based guidelines with the characteristics of the individual patient.


A formulary consists of a set of guidelines and is a comprehensive summary of (non-)medicinal advice in situations where care providers have reached a consensus about the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. An electronic formulary can be applied as a navigation tool to support the prescribing process, whereby the guideline database structures the selection process and makes a distinction between (alternative) diseases, conditions, indications, therapy directions and steps, therapy and prescription choices.


Electronic Prescribing is not really a novel concept anymore, having been around for more than two decades. But Prescriptor-EPS brings this concept a leap forward. It enhances the effective, safe, economic and rational use of medicines, while performing medication surveillance as an integral part of the prescribing process. Polypharmacy, guidelines for special interest groups (chronic ill, elderly, children), hospital admissions resulting from a.o. medication errors, cannot be addressed as minor or as unavoidable issues anymore. This cries for knowledge- and medicines management, and ICT support in this respect is essential.

Integration of information from multiple sources into the workflow

Prescriptor-EPS is a tool to support the prescribing process of the physician, a process which is influenced by the conditions, characteristics and individual circumstances of the patient. Long experience in this matter shows that it is possible to define enough ‘road maps’ and alternatives to cover many different practice situations. Prescriptor can therefore cater to most of the routine situations, including ones where you have to apply alternative choices according allergies, contra-indications and interactions of the patient.

Formulary-WIZARD: a guideline management tool

Formulary-Wizard enables representatives of local care providers to adjust therapy choices or implement additional guidelines complimentary to the reference guidelines already available in Prescriptor-EPS. The Formulary-Wizard serves a platform to manage an ideal mix of top-down and bottom-up agreed guidelines. The Wizard guides professionals in managing and creating their 'own' guidelines ready for implementation.

Clinical Rules

Clinical Rules is a real-time decision support module, which focuses on medication safety based on an in-depth risk profile of the patient. By separating irrelevant issues from essential problems and providing professional support throughout the chain of care, Clinical Rules allows for more purposeful notifications. Clinical Rules provides a broader and more specific analysis in a longitudinal context compared with the traditional method of medication monitoring.

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