to manage essential and affordable medicines

STEP I: therapeutic - clinical evaluation

Information services

Evaluation and continuous updating of all available evidence relating to efficacy, evidence, safety, tolerability, ease of use, medical interactions and experience is carried out. Application of this information in matrix models to support the pre-selection of medicines within a therapeutic class is purely based on clinical criteria.
For each matrix-production, a comprehensive literature survey is carried out covering all the major databases, Cochrane reviews, Embase and so on. A number of specialists are invited to participate in an expert panel to review the results of this literature survey and to determine the selection criteria. These specialists are experts in a specific area of pharmacotherapy and have published regularly on this subject in the past.

Workshop / software tools / support

This pre-selection of medicines with interactive matrix software can be carried out individually by logging on to a secure website environment or in a live group with tablet PC’s (iPad, Android) or laptops.
Helpdesk support: for web / workshop / e-Session tools, data collection and management.

(Hands-on) Training: how to apply matrix tools in a web and/or workshop setting.

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